let’s start off with some ground rules

hi there!

welcome.  i have decided to start this site to help me figure something out.  flush out an idea, if you will….

i know someone who is quitting her day job to do her craft full time.  she has a letterpress buisness, opened on etsy and it’s grown to where she can support herself and sell outside of etsy.  i thought “good for her!” and then didn’t think anything of  it for a week or two.  then out of the blue i thought to myself – i could open an etsy store selling hand knits and the idea has stuck with me.

would i quit my job?  HELL NO.  i like what my 9-5 job is.

i know people that have etsy stores.  this person, for instance.  i also have a family member that sells/sold on there as well.  so, it’s not an outlandish idea.

i am a firm, FIRM believer in buying handmade and buying local.  anyone that knows me in real time knows i really believe in that.  i buy a lot of items from etsy.  so, work where you shop…. that’s an idea.

i have been knitting for close to 10 years and i think, at least in my little mind – that i am pretty good at it.  i give a lot of hand knits as gifts.  every year most of my friends receive something hand knit for christmas and sometimes for a birthday gift.

i had a flash of inspiration yesterday and thought up a scarf pattern.  that has NEVER happened to me.  i thought up colorways and other new pattern ideas today on my way to work.

so what i have envisioned in my head for jakeknits — is to continue to knit from patterns and also  make some of my ideas that are floating around in my head.  see if i could open a store.  see if i WANT to open a store.   evaluate the hand knits that are already on etsy and see if i can compete.  i think i can.  i feel i can.  if i decide this is a viable idea, open jakeknits on etsy and see what happens.  use this website as one big pros and cons list.  except with pictures of yarn, cats, probably some food, probably some life.

But first, a few ground rules.  not so much rules but what you’re going to find here, out of me:

# 1 – i talk like a drunken sailor. that’s part of my charm and they’re part of my daily walking about dialog.  if this sort of thing bothers you – you may want to be aware my vocab is a bit “colorful” and you may want to go elsewhere. your call. 

# 2 – i block spam and obscene comments.  none of that tomfoolery is welcome here. i will approve your comment until i know you or you post frequently.

#3 – rarely will anything be capitalized. that’s just a thing i do.



2 thoughts on “let’s start off with some ground rules

  1. Jakeknits … This sounds like a great idea … What is stopping you? Can I get your thoughts on something? Business woman to business women, drunken sailor / pirate to … Well you get the point. Would you consider selling your knits in a shop? It’s a business idea, but we aren’t sure if bricks and mortar is the way forward? But like you we want to promote local craft which is accessible to all. Would be great to get your thoughts … Thank you!

    • technically, what is currently stopping me is active inventory. assuming i open a storefront, i would want to be able to ship some items immediately. i also want some time to play and make patterns of my own. and i think i would sell in a shop if there were shared interests and liked items. not so much business partner but i would want (and i think most would agree) whatever shop i was in to support my craft as much as i would theirs.

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