socks are fun.

i love making socks.  since jumping back into the knitting pool feet first (get it? socks?  feet first…?) i’ve decided to use up some of my sock yarn stash.  my sock yarn stash is modest – mostly yarn purchased when i was knitting in the super sock scarefest group on ravelry.   i recently found the perfect ravelry group for my sock stash situation – the year of stash socks group!  i am even being “active” on their message boards.  which is not like me, but i am excited!

the whole idea of the group is to knit socks from your yarn stash – and knit a sock (or several) a month from a selected option of patterns.  if all else fails, make a plain, vanilla sock.  my first vanilla sock back several years ago was a pattern by the knitmore girls knit up on some zombie bbq from Lorna’s Laces.  i didn’t mind the tediousness of it, either.  it’s a well designed pattern and a good base to learn from.

vanilla socks for bigger feet

vanilla socks for bigger feet

I made these for a gal pal whose feet are larger than mine, please note the floppy toe!

and sorry for the bad lighting.  it’s important to make things look artsy for instagram, you know.

it’s the first of the month and i’ve started my descent back into socks.


this yarn is a brand called vice.  i believe i bought it last year or quite possibly the year before.  it’s been nothing but problems for me.  I have tried the yarn on two different patterns in recent memory and both times it’s either felt wrong or the pattern wasn’t looking right with the yarn.  one sock pattern was a cabled sock and the yarn is so variegated that you couldn’t see the cabling.  i am giving it one more shot with its current pattern and if it refuses to cooperate – it goes the way of a vanilla sock.  so far, it’s being nice.

on an unrelated, final note, i dislike this webpage template and how it looks… since i plan to finally be more active here about knitting and life versus my running website, i need to make some changes to it.

a new post (or back in the saddle again)

that title is unoriginal, but it’s the one that i am going with and that’s the one that i am using.

i did not open an etsy store.  of course, that doesnt mean i wont.  i just didnt.  i just havent.

in fact, i took a knitting hiatus.  however, i am back in the saddle again and think i will use jakeknits as my knitting blog.  so i have some fiddling with its appearance to do.

i’ve completed a baby blanket for one of my bosses that i whipped up in maybe 5 total weekend days.

imagei am over knitting last-minute baby blankets.  it was obvious she was/is pregnant.

why wait until a month before the shower?

the blanket was a real smash with my boss and the office manager, who again put the bug back into me regarding opening a store.  it’s a debate.  again, we’ll see.  do i really have the time to create my own designs and sell things? and do i really, really want to?

i have a ravelry full of projects queued up and waiting for me so it’s time to rock and roll.

designs and deadlines

3 months.esty

i have created a deadline for myself of 3 months to design and create inventory of 8-12 items and to flush ideas out. my thought is that if i can complete the items in my head within a time frame then it’s clear to me that i am pretty serious about opening a store.  along the way, 3 months to figure out pricing and probably a million other things with opening an online store.

*caveat* if i create enough items prior to the 3 month deadline, i get my ducks in a row and open before the 3 month deadline. simple.

i am an extremely organized person – so i dont want to jump in blind.  i need to have some order to the chaos that may or may not follow. best to plan for it, eh?

over the weekend i fiddled about with a scarf design that i really like – and looks good both on the right side and wrong side of the scarf and i fiddled about with a simple cowl design.  the idea of boot toppers has also entered into the equation and i believe those will knit up fast with bulky yarn. (oh, hell, any yarn really).  i believe that the simple patterns and ideas are the best.  simple ribbing, simple cables – “traditional” knitting designs with interesting color.

i discovered that i have a growing little support system over the weekend consisting of my husband, my best friend nichole, and my sister.  this will be priceless to me as i will need it when doubt sets in.  becase as positive as i am, i can be horribly negative at times.  i am hopeful that my support system will grow over the three months.

my deadline is 3 months. 3 months to figure out if i really want to open a store or to continue just knitting for friends. 3 months to create items to sell and 3 months to figure out the ins and outs of selling on etsy.  i’ve got the buying off of etsy down pat!

let’s start off with some ground rules

hi there!

welcome.  i have decided to start this site to help me figure something out.  flush out an idea, if you will….

i know someone who is quitting her day job to do her craft full time.  she has a letterpress buisness, opened on etsy and it’s grown to where she can support herself and sell outside of etsy.  i thought “good for her!” and then didn’t think anything of  it for a week or two.  then out of the blue i thought to myself – i could open an etsy store selling hand knits and the idea has stuck with me.

would i quit my job?  HELL NO.  i like what my 9-5 job is.

i know people that have etsy stores.  this person, for instance.  i also have a family member that sells/sold on there as well.  so, it’s not an outlandish idea.

i am a firm, FIRM believer in buying handmade and buying local.  anyone that knows me in real time knows i really believe in that.  i buy a lot of items from etsy.  so, work where you shop…. that’s an idea.

i have been knitting for close to 10 years and i think, at least in my little mind – that i am pretty good at it.  i give a lot of hand knits as gifts.  every year most of my friends receive something hand knit for christmas and sometimes for a birthday gift.

i had a flash of inspiration yesterday and thought up a scarf pattern.  that has NEVER happened to me.  i thought up colorways and other new pattern ideas today on my way to work.

so what i have envisioned in my head for jakeknits — is to continue to knit from patterns and also  make some of my ideas that are floating around in my head.  see if i could open a store.  see if i WANT to open a store.   evaluate the hand knits that are already on etsy and see if i can compete.  i think i can.  i feel i can.  if i decide this is a viable idea, open jakeknits on etsy and see what happens.  use this website as one big pros and cons list.  except with pictures of yarn, cats, probably some food, probably some life.

But first, a few ground rules.  not so much rules but what you’re going to find here, out of me:

# 1 – i talk like a drunken sailor. that’s part of my charm and they’re part of my daily walking about dialog.  if this sort of thing bothers you – you may want to be aware my vocab is a bit “colorful” and you may want to go elsewhere. your call. 

# 2 – i block spam and obscene comments.  none of that tomfoolery is welcome here. i will approve your comment until i know you or you post frequently.

#3 – rarely will anything be capitalized. that’s just a thing i do.